Education is a foundation all of us use for the rest of our lives. the choices we make, the pathways we travel, the goals we reach, and the rewards we achieve are all based on the skills we developed, on what we know and on how we see the world. all of this is given to us as we grow, develop and learn.

A school is where much of this learning happens and where this foundation is built. to give every person the best possible start, we must understand where we are coming from, know where we need to go and establish the goals we need to reach.

Peguis central school, completed in 2002, serves approximately 950 students with over 100 staff members. the grounds include two amphitheatres, playgrounds, outdoor hard surface basketball courts, and two baseball fields.

The school site consists of 54 classrooms, cafeteria, library, computer labs, multi-purpose room, full gym facility, industrial arts, home economics and an art room.